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History Tab

From the Device Toolbar you can view the last 60 days of locate and alert history. To access the Device Toolbar, start on the Dashboard screen on your Account Toolbar.

From the Dashboard screen on the Account Toolbar, simply Click on any of your device icons either from the Device Icon List View or the Device Icon on the map. This will bring you to the Device Toolbar’s Locate screen.


Device Toolbar – History Tab

The second tab on your Device Toolbar is the History Tab.

To access your device history, Click on the History tab on your Device Toolbar

The History Screen allows you to see the last 60 days of your device’s tracking and alert history. Your locations will appear as a blue dot and your alerts will appear as a red dot on the map. You can see more detailed information about each location by moving your mouse arrow over the specific dot. History is a rolling 60 days; tracking older than 60 days is automatically deleted from the system.

Hourly or Daily History View

You can switch the history view to either show tracking for a specific hour or for the full day. The map will only show 60 location points on the screen at a time. If the time frame selected has more than 60 location points, some location points may be omitted for clarity. The steps below will help you adjust the history view to the specific time or day you would like to see.

Hourly View

  • Click the calendar to select the requested date
  • Click the hour on the timeline that you would like to view

Daily View

  • ClickDaily in the Hourly or Daily Drop Down Box
  • Click the calendar to select the requested date

History Range

We also provide an option to view a range of dates or times in your Device History Screen. You can select a range of dates and times by following the steps below.

  • Click the Blue Arrow below the History or Daily Drop Down Box.
  • Click the first Calendar to select the Start Date
  • Click the Start Time on the timeline to the right of the first date
  • Click the second Calendar to select the End Date
  • Click the End Time on the timeline to the right of the second date

You will now have three options to display your history.

  • You can either Download the selected history as a PDF or a CSV file or you can Display Selection on the Current Map. Simply Click the box for the way you would like to view the selected History.

The example in these images shows a history range of all tracking on 04/28/2015 between 8:00AM and 10:59PM.

NOTE: If you would like to download your history to PDF or CSV format, we recommend selecting no more than one week of history at a time. It may take a significant amount of time to load all the data for a history range over one week.