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PocketFinder - Users Tab

The third tab on the Account Toolbar is the Users Tab.

The Users Tab allows you to give someone access to your your account without allowing the user to make any changes or see any personal account or device data. The Limited User can only see the most recent recorded location of the device. All account settings and functions are not available to the Limited User.

When using accounts you can only set up limited access users. For information on setting up unlimited full access (admin) users please contact our support team to switch to our fleet interface for businesses.

When you create a Limited User Account use an email and username that is not the same as your primary account email or username. If you use the same email or username as your primary account you will be unable to access your administrative functions. If this happens please contact support and we will be happy to assist you!

When you are creating a new user please note that you will want to place a check mark next to the device you are assigning to this user.

Step 1: Fill in all open fields with your new user's information

Step 2: Click on the box next the device or devices

Step 3: Click Save

You can view all active Limited User Accounts at the bottom of this screen. If your would like to edit the user information you can click Edit. The user account can be deleted by clicking Delete.

Please explore other articles in our informative knowledge base if you have any additional questions!