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PocketFinder - Dashboard Tab

Welcome to your account! Now that you have successfully created your account and activated your device we can start exploring the User Interface!

The interface was designed with you in mind! As we explore you will see how intuitive and easy your interface is to use!

When you log in to your account you will be directed to the Dashboard.


You can return to the Dashboard screen at any time by simply clicking the Dashboard Tab in the Account Toolbar. The Account Toolbar at the top of the screen will help you manage your account settings.

Account Toolbar

The Dashboard was designed to let you check your device’s most recent location information from the first screen. You will see your device icons below the Account Toolbar. If your devices have started locating, you will also see the icons on the map. On this screen you can see the most recent location information for all devices on your account.

If your device has not yet located, you will only see the ocean on the map. If you need help getting your first locate, please see our informative knowledge base articles for instructions.

Last Locate Information from the Dashboard

To view the most recent location data for your device, please move and hold your mouse arrow over the device icon located above the map (do not click the icon yet). You will now see the most recent location information inside a pop up box. 

Device Icon in List View

If you hold your mouse arrow over the device icon on the map, you will be given additional location information.

Device Icon on Map

Please explore other articles in our informative knowledge base if you have any additional questions!