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English Spanish - How do I update my credit card?

If you need to update your payment method for your subscription you can email us through our support page or call our secured billing hot-line at 949-407-7854. You can also update your account by logging into your account via the web. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Please follow the instructions below to update the card on your interface.

If you received a past due notification, please update your payment method and then contact our Customer Care Team and we will be happy to help you process your past due balance. If your service was deactivated for nonpayment or you would like to reactivate service for any other reason, please contact our support team to reactivate your service and process the past due balance if applicable. *Your subscription charges appear on your card statement as: Location Based Tech (866) 726-7543

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Click the My Account Tab in the Account Toolbar at the top of your screen

Step 3: Click on Account Billing

Step 4: Fill in the required fields including Credit Card, Card Type, Expiration, and Security Code

Step 6: Click Save Your Updated Billing Information

* If you were contacted by a customer service representative regarding a failed payment, please contact your representative to let them know the card has been updated so we may process your payment.

Thank you for your business!