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Vehicle Tracker Troubleshooting


No lights
The tracker is not successfully receiving full time power. Lights on your tracker should be visible within just a few seconds of the red wire being connected to power. If the lights are not on, then the device does not have power. Please check your connections and ensure that once installed, the device has been taken for a 10 minute drive to charge the internal battery.

Flashing Green
The tracker will have a quick flashing green light as it attempts to connect with the satellite network. Once it successfully connects, this light will turn solid. If the green light is flashing it means it does not have a satellite signal, so something is blocking or interfering with the satellite connection. Metal or cement are a common GPS signal blockers.

Flashing Amber
The tracker will have a flashing amber light as it connects with the local GSM wireless network. Once it successfully connects, this light will turn solid. If the amber light is flashing it does not have a wireless signal or it has not yet been activated. The device uses 3G wireless assisted GPS technology. In order for the satellite information to reach our servers the device has to be in an area with 3G wireless coverage. If in a parking garage or an area with low cell coverage, this has the potential to block wireless and satellite connectivity.

Hard Reboot
If the device is activated, the lights are on and solid or flashing and you have driven the vehicle, but the device is not locating, please reset the device by uninstalling it and letting the battery drain (the lights will turn off when fully drained) then reinstall the device. Then, take the device for a ten minute drive to start locating.

"Pinning" / Showing same location when moving
Please contact us to let us know what wires you are using if your device is consistently showing locates in the same location even when the device is moving and in a different location. This could be due to what we call "pinning". This can be corrected by updating the configuration that is determined by the wires you are using. Each installation has its own configuration determined by the the wires being used. If the wrong configuration is set on your device, the location can "pin" at the location of the last good signal. Your device will not pin if you are using only the red and black wires.

Red - Constant Power (+ positive)
Black - Ground (- negative)
Additional wires available for Fleet service only. Please contact us if you would like to use our fleet services.
White - Ignition/ engine on/off or PTO (power take off) on/off. Install this wire to something is is powered only when the ignition or PTO is on.
Blue - Soon to be available for SOS or additional PTO
Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests for our Green or White/Blue wires
Green - Optional out wire (Unassigned at this time)
White/Blue - 1 bit bus data wire (Not currently using)