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Satellite and Wireless Coverage


Satellite and Wireless


The Personal / Pet Locators are designed to locate when they are outside and moving with a clear satellite and 3G GSM wireless signal. When the device is locating outside with a wireless and satellite signal, the locate accuracy is within 10 feet.


Your device takes its data and wirelessly transmits this information via the 3G data network to our system. Without 3G service, the device will not be able to relay this information. If the device is in an area with low to no wireless signal, but it still has a satellite signal, the data will be stored. The data will be sent to your Device Toolbar - History screen as soon as the device is able to reconnect to the 3G wireless network.

The device will have trouble locking on to GPS (satellite) signals when the signal is obstructed by buildings, underground structures, submersion under water, and even dense tree cover. A device that is traveling in a vehicle will locate much better while sitting in a cup holder than it would from within a glove box or trunk. They may also connect well while the vehicle is driving, but once the vehicle enters a parking structure or covered garage, it may no longer locate due to a limited GPS signal. Once the device leaves this area however, it will re-establish its GPS signal and start locating again.

The battery will continue to drain if the device is moving searching for a signal. If the device is not moving it will go into "sleep mode".

If your device is not locating please review this article or contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you!

Please follow this link to view 3G GSM coverage in your area. Select DATA and then select 3G ONLY:

Please explore other articles in our informative knowledge base if you have any additional questions!