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App Video Tutorials

With LBT PocketFinder, the power is in the hands of the customer. Our interfaces are built to give you maximum control over your account and settings. 

After creating your account online and acctivating serivce to a device, you can downlad the Android or iOS (Apple) apps from their respective app stores. 

Below are links to the different app video tutorials to help you get started. Multiple people can monitor from the app and the comuter interface at the same time. Because they are different interfaces for one account, any change made will reflect for all those monitoring. 

App Intro: A quick montage of the app and its features

App Overview- How It Works: A more in depth look at exactly what features are available

Profile: Steps for setting up the account and device profile

Alerts: Steps for setting up general, device specific alerts

Zone Creation: Steps for setting up a standard zone

Instant Zones: Only available via the app, instant zones let you quickly create a zone around where the device currently is

History: Steps on how to toggle through and filter history