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What is the AT&T Wireless 3G Coverage Turndown?

AT&T announced the turn down of all US 3G cellular towers. We want to make your transition to LTE seamless, with no down time between now and the February 2022 turn-down date.   To order a new LTE vehicle tracker to replace your 3G devices, please visit our shop and use promo code:SAVE$50-LTE for $50 off a single unit or contact our support team for multi-unit discounts over 5 devices.     If you have prepaid for service on your existing trackers and want to transfer service or would like assistance of any kind, please contact us by replying to this email or submitting a support form from our website. All your personal account details and settings will remain intact within your account as we transition to your new LTE trackers, we are happy to assist you in any way through the upgrade.   LBT is committed to supporting our business and family customers long term and making the network transition as well as worldwide usage of our trackers as smooth as possible. Thank you again for being a long time customer and for being a part of the LBT PocketFinder family!  

Best regards,
Dave Morse CEO