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Service Plans

The standard service fee for the United States, Canada, and Mexico is now only $12.95* per device per month. We do not require a contract for your prepaid monthly service.

Just like any cell service, our tracker service is pre-paid for the month and there is no refund for a partial use month. i.e. Customer suspends service on a recreational vehicle half way through a bill cycle. No refund for the partial month of service.

Additional devices activated to an account are charged at a partial month amount so that your billing is conveniently consolidated to the same bill date.

  • Vehicle tracker service can be suspended at any time and reactivated for a reactivation fee of $4.95.
  • PocketFinder+ service can be paused at any time and for a nominal fee of $1 a month, due to Telecom Carrier requirement can be kept ready to be reactivated at your convenience. No fee to reactivate. PocketFinder+ devices cancelled/killed and not put into "pause" status cannot be reactivated.

* If you are looking for fleet or business tracking, please contact us so we may find the right solution to fit your needs! Business accounts have additional tools to help them easily manage hundreds to thousands of devices, sub accounts, zone bank and various reports and the cost is $15.95 per unit per month for US, Canada and Mexico. For service in other countries our international rate is now $19.95 per unit per month in most countries where wireless coverage is available instead of $29.95. Please contact us and we'll look at the country you are interested in.


Service Plans


Coverage Map

Please review the list of countries below to find out if we can provide service in your area.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for additional information

Our devices provide peace of mind to an extensive list of countries throughout the world. Our locators require a wireless signal to transmit location information from the satellite network. Our personal and vehicle devices use 3G wireless signals.

If you are planning to use your device outside of the United States, please contact us to provision your device to work in your country listed below.

North America
United States of America

South America
Argentina (Vehicle only)
Brazil (Vehicle only)
Chile (Vehicle only)

India, Asia Pacific
China (coming soon)
New Zealand (coming soon)
Singapore (coming soon)

Additional countries coming soon!
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

  • Monthly service outside of the United States, Mexico, and Canada is $29.95 per device per month.
  • Service may be used in all countries listed above for permanent roaming when such use is consistent with local laws and regulations and carrier roaming agreements. As with all wireless service, there is no guarantee that service will work in every area even if it is listed in the published list. There may be several reasons why coverage may not be reliable in all locations within each country. Wireless providers attempt to design their networks to eliminate gaps in coverage, so coverage breaks within the general coverage area are still possible.
  • We currently only ship new devices ordered on our website to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you have a device or purchased one from another site that delivered to your country, we can provide monthly service to any country listed above.