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How long does the battery last?

PocketFinder+ 3G GPS, Wi-Fi, Cell ID Personal Tracker

This is one of the most common questions that we get asked and the accurate answer is…it depends! I’ll give you 3 different scenarios below along with full information about how it works so that as a prospective buyer you can apply the information here to your specific need and form your own expectation of battery life. Our customer service team would also be happy to talk with you about your use case and provide an estimate.

The following tests were done using the default power setting of: “locates” every 10 minutes with option for Track Mode to start in less than 2 minutes and instant SOS. Images are from both our App and web login. Details on other “Power” setting options with more frequent locates or settings for longer battery life and how it all works can be found below the real test case examples.

3 Battery Life Scenarios:

  1. In my 2nd grade daughters backpack tracking her to and from school. Battery lasted 4 days.
  2. In my sons pocket during school. Battery lasted 2 days.
  3. On my key chain in my pocket with frequent movement during the day. Battery lasted 10 hours.

Test Case Scenario 1: In my daughters backpack going to school! 3-4 days battery life.

Device is powered overnight with mico-USB power cord. I unplug it from power and drop it in her backpack around 7:45am.

I check the app at 9:51am and see that she’s now at school with the device last locating at 8:45am. It’s now in sleep mode.


I touch History and 7-8am to see locates driving to school. The device “locates” for 3 minutes straight with each locate approximately 10 seconds apart. In-between “locates” is 10 minutes rest. At any time during the 10 minutes between locates I could press “track mode” under the power tab and the device will start locating in less than 2 minutes.


I have three devices on my account, one with me, one with my daughter and another with my son; both children are at different schools. I touch the tab “Profile” and change the icons of each device to pictures. This is the “List” tab showing all devices on my account and last time they located.


“Map” view shows my family on a map and the blue dot is where my iPhone is.


The device locates a couple of series of locates during lunch but for the most part is in power conservation “sleep mode” during the day.


That afternoon my daughter rides home in a carpool. I receive an alert when she leaves school and one when she arrives at home. It’s 4:44pm and battery level is 78% on the device.


Looks like she had “early out” day today because in History I can see groups of locates at 1:05pm, 1:15pm and 1:26pm. If I zoom in on the map I would be able to see each “locate”.


Day 2

The next morning I check my app from work and see Amanda safely at school. It’s 9:49am my time, the last time her tracker connected with a new location was 8:21 am and battery level is 61%.


I receive notification that she left the school zone and entered the home zone so I look at my app and see her at our home with the device locating “Just now”. It’s 2:49pm and battery level is 53%.


Day 3

History shows that she was late to school.

If I were to zoom in on the app it would show that we arrived to school just after 8:08am. That was my fault for her being late. :)


It’s day 3, 8:25am, device last located at 8:10am and has 48% battery level.


Here we are at the end of day 3. This image is from the web log in and we can see tracking history from school to our home. The time is 3:51pm and the device has 30% battery. It could probably track another day but I prefer to have a device with a full battery in-case of a situation where I need constant tracking for quite some time. I set my low battery alert for 30% and make sure I charge it that night.


Link to 2 other battery life scenarios:

  1. In my sons backpack during school. Battery lasted 2 days.
  2. On my key chain in my pocket with frequent movement during the day. Battery lasted 10 hours.


Details on how a PocketFinder+ tracks utilizing all three location technologies:

When a PocketFinder+ gathers location information it will gather 3 minutes of as many quality location points as it can. These location points are typically 10 seconds apart. We call these “locates”. Our system will filter poor locates so sometimes in history you will see many locates and other times just a few. If GPS signals are not available, like when you are indoors, your PocketFinder+ will sense Wi-Fi and Cellular ID signals to triangulate its location.

With the next app update you will see the following locate options under the “power” tab:

  1. Constant locates when not connected to power. These locates will typically be approximately 10 seconds apart. When connected to power, it will locate every 10 minutes when sensing movement.
  2. Locates every 4 minutes
  3. Locates every 10 minutes
  4. Locates every 20 minutes

*Pressing “track mode” from the app or web will start your PocketFinder locating in less than 2 minutes during the time between locates

*If the SOS button is pressed three times, the LED will turn red and it will immediately begin sending as many accurate locations as it can for the next 3 minutes

*If your PocketFinder does not sense movement for 30 minutes it will go into what’s called “sleep mode”. While in sleep mode, pressing “Track Mode” will not start the device locating. It will again automatically locate when it starts moving and wakes up.