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What is a Tap Alert and how do I turn this feature on?

A Tap Alert is a way for the Personal Locator and 886 GPS locators to send a notification message using the accelerometer that is within the device. Once Tap Alert is turned on for your device, it is triggered by tapping the device 3 times on a hard surface such as the ground, wall or desk within 3 seconds. Many families with children or elderly parents use this feature to notify family or friends that they need assistance or that they are ready to be picked up from school for example. The 886 has additional accessory options with a panic button and audible alert. Please contact a Customer Care Representative or account manager for further details.

To turn on Tap Alert for your device, please follow these instructions:
After logging into your account, click on the icon representing your Personal or Pet Locator then select "Power" from the top menu bar.

Tap Alert is a feature found here under the locate frequency settings. Click the Tap Alert toggle to "On" and select the email or cell phone contacts that you would like notified when the Tap Alert is triggered.

When a Tap Alert occurs, email and or text notifications will be sent to your selected recipients. The border around the icon will also turn red with the alert will turn red on the web interface and a "Tap Alert" with the date, time and location will be added to the "Alerts" tab in both the web and app interface.