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PocketFinder - Power Mode / Locate Frequency

The default locate setting is 3 minutes of locates followed by 10 minutes of rest.

The device will be most accurate if it is moving outside every day. We recommend taking the device for a short drive, walk, or bike ride every day to ensure the device remains accurate to your location. Accuracy improves the more the device is used. 

Each unit has a motion sensor and an accelerometer. When the unit is not moving it will go into a power conservation sleep mode setting. When it again moves, it will resume locating. The device goes into "sleep mode" to conserve the battery when it stops moving. The device will update the location when it is outside moving again.

Your device can locate every 4 minutes, 10 minutes, or you can set it to constant locates depending on your preference. The 20 minute locate option is coming soon! You can set your locate frequency under your Device Toolbar - Power settings.

Please explore other articles in our informative knowledge base if you have any additional questions!