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PocketFinder 2G Locator - How do I start locating?

Now that you have created your account and activated your new personal / pet device we would like to help you start locating!

Step 1 - Charge My Device

After you create your account and activate the device you will want to place the device on the charging station near a window to charge the battery and allow the device to take any new firmware updates. It will take 4-6 hours to fully charge the device from a 0% battery level. The device will update to the newest firmware after activation during this charging process.

Step 2 - Start Locating

To start locating, simply take the device for a 10 minute drive which will allow it to connect with satellites. We recommend placing the device somewhere with an unobstructed view of the sky during this first drive.

The device is designed to locate when it is outside and moving with a clear satellite signal and wireless connection. The device does not get a very good signal when it is inside a building. The device goes into "sleep mode" to conserve the battery when it has not moved for 30 minutes and it will start locating when it starts moving again outside. We recommend charging your device every night near a window to ensure that you always have a full battery at the start of the next day and that you remove the device from the charger every morning to prolong the life of the rechargeable battery inside the device even if you do not intend to use it that day. The recommended locate settings are ten minute or two minute locates. The device will be most accurate if it is moving outside every day.

Step 3 – Explore My Account

While your device is charging, you can take the opportunity to get familiar with the user interface via the Web or our Mobile Apps. Explore the My Account Section of the Knowledge Base for more informative tutorials to help you navigate your new account.

After activation you will receive a welcome email from one of our helpful service professionals. Please check your email spam filter if you do not see an email during business hours after your activation.

Please explore other articles in our informative knowledge base if you have any additional questions!