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PocketFinder+ Updates

Thank you for being a PocketFinder+ customer! You will find on this page app and web update info, bug resolution, troubleshooting tips and information regarding feedback that we're getting from customers. We'll respond to each issue or question reported as soon as possible, newest posts on top. If you would like to submit a bug or ask a question, please click on the "Contact Us" widget at the bottom left of your screen. Thank you for your support with this great new product!!!

  • OPEN 3/21/17 - "Why is my device not waking up?" We've been able to replicate this issue and are currently working on a fix. We believe the issue is server side and doesn't have anything to do with the motion sensor as first believed. Devices wake very easily after having been connected to power and if they do not wake after being in sleep not connected to power an SOS trigger or reconnecting to power resolves. We expect to have a fix for this bug by end of the week. Thank you for your patience. :)
  • OPEN 2/3/17 - "Why is the RED LED staying on and device not locating?" 3/21 UPDATE - the issue is a non-completed SOS cycle. The fix is server side and is currently being worked on. If your device has a solid red LED please let us know and we'll clear it for you. We've seen some units self reset after a couple of hours and return to sleep mode. Others we reset and they begin to again function properly. If this happens to you please note the time and let us know.
  • UPDATE 3/10/17 - All customers will be receiving an over the air update implementing battery life extension updates. Default setting will be 3 minutes of 10 second locates with 10 minutes between locate sessions. "Track mode" can be triggered at anytime between locates while device is active and will start locating in less than 2 minutes. Device will go into "sleep mode" if not moving for more than 15 minutes and will begin locating when it again moves. "Track mode" will not start tracking a device in sleep mode until it again moves and wakes up. Additional interval options including constant tracking will be available in the next app update. Any customers wanting tracking intervals that are quicker than 10 min. please contact customer service.
  • CLOSED 3/1/17 - Some accounts have experienced delays in locates displaying and/or locates in history being out of chronological order. 3/3 Resolved!
  • UPDATE 2/17/17 - SHIPPING UPDATE. All back ordered orders will be shipped between today and Tuesday 2/21. At that point we will now be shipping 1-2 business days after ordering. :)
  • CLOSED 2/13/17 - Plastic/Rubber stopper over the micro USB charging port came off. Thank you for your feedback! All new devices being manufactured have a different type of rubber allowing to be more flexible and durable. All devices being shipped today have the new cover!
  • CLOSED 2/6/17 - GPS accuracy calibration is ongoing with firmware updates.
  • CLOSED 2/5/17 - An additional Google Wi-Fi Location API was implemented further increasing accuracy and ability for the PF+ to triangulate with Wi-Fi signals on 2/5/17.
  • CLOSED 2/1/17 - "Locates are not displaying." 9:46am Pacific Time Update: Resolved
  • CLOSED 1/31/17 - "Why in history, sometimes the chronology of locates is not in order?" Resolved 2/1!
  • CLOSED 1/31/17 Update - "My device is still moving but it stopped locating or I have large gaps in locates while it was moving." Default location frequency is 3 minutes of active locating followed by 3 minutes of rest when moving. If connecting to Cell ID/Wi-Fi you will may see locates 5 minutes apart. Full locate frequency details here. When not moving it will go into "sleep" mode. We are all constantly in motion, earth orbiting the sun and rotating and what we're seeing is that the device, when in a steady or constant motion for that short 3 minutes of rest, i.e. on a steady walk, waiting at a light or in a smooth car ride, it thinks that it's not moving and is going into sleep mode until a large bump or other more dramatic movement wakes it back up and it starts locating again. We have a solution that we're working on today that we believe will solve this. 2/6/17 Update - A handful of production devices now have this fix loaded and we're testing today and tomorrow. Implementation to live server is complete. Please let us know if you experience this issue.
  • CLOSED 1/13/17 - "Why does my device seem like it's working, blue LED comes on when connected to power, red LED comes on when I press SOS 3 times and I see a green light flash every few minutes when on a walk or drive, but it's not showing a locate in the app or web?" Your device is functioning as it should and is checking in with our servers for the SOS, and while moving but our server isn't always seeing that it's moving and asking for it to send location information. Fix scheduled to be implemented to live server 2/6/17.
  • OPEN 1/31/17 Update - "Why does it sometimes show its location outside my home when I'm indoors?" We use the highest quality GPS antenna and module in the world. Because of this, it often is still able to connect with the GPS Satellite network, even when indoors, instead of then using the Wi-Fi Google network. 1/26/17 We're currently testing a 15m GPS location accuracy threshold that we believe will solve this issue and will be posting updates on this in the near future. 1/31/17 - GPS antenna and module tuning also ongoing. All updates to further improve accuracy will be sent over the air to device automatically.
  • OPEN 1/27/17 - "How quickly do I need to press the SOS button 3 times to get it to start?" Press the silver button 3 times in less than 2 seconds. We are going to extend this setting so that you have longer to press it three times.
  • 1/26/17 - "Why is the LED rapidly flashing green or blue?" Your PocketFinder+ still has factory settings and needs the PocketFinder+ settings update. If fully charged, please re-connect it to power for 30 minutes and try again. If green or blue flashing LED continues, please contact our customer care team and include your device IMEI.
  • 1/26/17 - "Is track mode active on the app"? Yes it is.
  • CLOSED 1/25/17 - "In the App, when I go to power tab, it says "PocketFinder Vehicle". Resolved. Please contact customer service if your device shows as a vehicle under the power tab and we'll update the profile.
  • 1/25/17 - "Where can I find activation instructions for a customer with an existing account?" Here you go!
  • CLOSED 1/25/17 - "On the web, when I click on the "locate" tab their isn't any info to the right of the map. It's blank." This is because you are an existing customer that has connected to the account in the past and your computer has saved info in its cache. Please clear your cache and you will see locate data to the right of your map on the locate tab. More info coming there in the near future too. :)
  • OPEN 1/25/17 - "Multiple options show for how often I want my device to locate but they don't seem to work." Right now we have all PF+ devices set to a default 3 minutes actively locate, 3 minutes of rest. As we fine tune settings for this frequency with your feedback we'll offer other options and would love to hear what you would like to have. Airplane mode will also be activated. Open issue, expecting to add additional options to the web interface first in the next couple of weeks and then to the app.
  • 1/25/17 - "How do I activate SOS?" SOS is activated by pressing the SOS button 3 times in a row. The LED will turn red showing that SOS is activated. SOS will actively gather and display as much good location data as it can gather for the next 5 minutes and then will go back into its previous location frequency setting. LED will turn green notifying you that it has ended sending it's current location data.
    *To set your SOS to alert you, please log in to your account, click your device from the dashboard, click POWER, and then turn your alert notification to on. Select the phone numbers and emails you would like to receive the alert notification by clicking in the box beside them to add a check mark. Click Save. The alert will come in as an email, text, or push notification labeled as a tap alert.
  • OPEN 1/25/17 - "When will speed alert work?" Adding speed calculation to the locates is scheduled for end of 1st quarter 2017. We expect to implement on the server in February and then spend time testing/calibrating.
  • OPEN 1/25/17 - "When will the apps be updated?" Apps will be updated as soon as we finalize on the locate frequency options and complete testing. Submission expectation 3/31/17


These new devices currently only have one locate setting. Upon registering movement, it wakes up and begins its locate cycle. It will locate once every 10-20 seconds (if connecting to GPS) for 3 minutes straight. It will then go into 10 minutes of rest. Then locate once every 10-20 seconds for 3 minutes, then 10 minutes of rest. And so on. If the device is not getting a good enough GPS signal as determined by the threshold algorithm in our servers, it will switch to WiFi Touch/ Cell I.D. If that locate is graded better than the GPS locate, it will publish it (This is usually once every 5 minutes). At this time, if the WiFi/ Cell I.D. locate is graded the same or worse that the GPS locate it got, none of the locates will be published. During standard mode, the LED will flash green every few minutes.

Sleep Mode: If the device does not register significant movement for 3 cycles of 3 minutes tracking/ 10 minutes of rest, the device will go into 30 minutes of "pre-sleep". During this 30 minutes, the device checks in with our servers every 2 minutes for Alerts. If the device registers significant movement, it will exit pre-sleep and go back to the locate cycle. During this 30 minutes, Track Mode can also be enacted and in under 2 minutes, Track Mode will begin (locating once every 10-20 seconds for 5 minutes straight). If no movement is registered for this 30 minutes and/ or Track Mode is not pressed, the device will go into sleep mode. Once in sleep mode, it will only wake up to locate if it registers significant movement. This is because sleep mode is designed to conserve battery. 

Pressing the SOS button on the device itself or pressing the green Track Mode button on your online interface and app will trigger the SOS emergency locate mode (LED will turn solid red when SOS button on device is pressed, but LED will not turn red when track mode is pressed). This causes the device to locate once every 10-20 seconds for 5 minutes straight- as long as it is not in sleep mode and has good GPS; if using WiFi/ Cell I.D. then will be about once a minute (if meet the current grading threshold). After that completes, the LED will turn solid green for a minute or so acknowledging the SOS period has ended. Then, if still registering movement, will go back to standard locate setting.

There are several main updates we are working on currently:

1. Motion Sensitivity: Coupled with this, we have found the motion sensitivity programmed into the device is not up to par the more customers are using it. With consistent movement, it is having trouble registering that and going into sleep mode unless it gets a big jolt. This is true whether being driven around or being carried on a person. We are in the process of working with our manufacturing  partner to heighten the sensitivity so it consistently registers that consistent movement, like our last device did.

2. GPS/ WiFi/ Cell I.D.: We are working on an update that if the GPS grading does not meet our threshold, it is cached. Then it switches to the WiFi/ Cell I.D. (like normal). If that locate is graded worse than the GPS locate, the GPS locate will publish. While it will not be as accurate as we want, at least then you will get a locate.

3. Power Modes/ Locate Frequency: We are working on updates to bring back Airplane mode; a constant locate setting where it locates once every 10-20 seconds with no periods of rest (battery should last about 4- 6 hours according to testing); a locate setting of 3 minutes locating and 5 minutes of rest (to help with quicker locates);  a locate setting of 3 minutes locating and 20 minutes of rest (to allow for extended battery life). These will be paired with an app update. The current power modes on the app do not work.

4. Battery: Battery level is a rounded curve meaning that the first 10% is very quick, and the bottom 15% is basically gone. The middle is where all the power is so it needs to be calibrated so that when it says 90%, it’s really 99% and when it thinks it’s 20% it ready 5%. Our manufacturing partner is working on this now.

All of these updates will be done over-the-air. After implementation, your device will take these updates the next time it is plugged in to charge. These updates are in the midst of testing and will be rolling out over the next few weeks.