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PocketFinder+ Updates

Thank you for being a PocketFinder+ customer! You will find on this page app and web update info, bug resolution, troubleshooting tips and information regarding feedback that we're getting from customers. We'll respond to each issue or question reported as soon as possible, newest posts on top. If you would like to submit a bug or ask a question, please click on the "Contact Us" widget at the bottom left of your screen. Thank you for your support with this great new product!!!

  • 7/25/17 - We've had some customers report that their tracker seems to be possibly going into sleep mode when moving causing gaps in locates. This is being investigated for server or firmware fix. Thank you for sending up details.
  • 6/23/17 - 100 Deadliest days $50 off vehicle trackers with promo code 100DAYS. Multi-unit discounts also available from customer service team kicking off Location Based Technologies promotions.
  • 6/18/17 - App Update: iOS App update released with multiple devices on same account updates.
  • 6/1/17 - App Update. iOS App update that includes power setting options, push notification and other updates. Please make sure you download the app update or your power settings tab for the PF+ will look like a vehicle tracker once changes are pushed evening of 6/1/17.
  • 5/25/17 Update - Additional Google updates added effecting alerts and addresses in history. All Google changes have been made and uploaded!
  • 4/27/17 - Device settings update complete 9:30am PST. Settings for sleep sensitivity and battery life extension were pushed to all devices last night with the push being complete as of 9:30am PST this morning. Please re-connect your device to power for the update.
  • 4/18/17 - Firmware update! This update increased sensitivity to the accelerometer motion sensor so that your tracker wakes up with little movement and stays in active mode while on walks or car drives. Your device will automatically receive this update when connected to power.
  • Past Resolutions:
    • "Where can I find activation instructions for a customer with an existing account?" Here you go!
    • "Multiple options show for how often I want my device to locate but they don't seem to work." Right now we have all PF+ devices set to a default 3 minutes actively locate, 10 minutes of rest. App update will include multiple power options.
    • "How do I activate SOS?" SOS is activated by pressing the SOS button 3 times in a row. The LED will turn red showing that SOS is activated. SOS will actively gather and display as much good location data as it can gather for the next 5 minutes and then will go back into its previous location frequency setting. LED will turn green notifying you that it has ended sending it's current location data.
      *To set your SOS to alert you, please log in to your account, click your device from the dashboard, click POWER, and then turn your alert notification to on. Select the phone numbers and emails you would like to receive the alert notification by clicking in the box beside them to add a check mark. Click Save. The alert will come in as an email, text, or push notification labeled as a tap alert.
    • "Why is the RED LED staying on?" the issue is a non-completed SOS cycle. The fix is server side and is currently being worked on. If your device has a solid red LED please let us know and we'll clear it for you. We've seen some units self reset after a couple of hours and return to sleep mode. Others we reset and they begin to again function properly. If this happens to you please note the time and let us know.
    • "When will speed alert work?" Adding speed calculation to the locates is scheduled for programming time after our iOS and Android app updates.

Until the app is updated with additional power options, devices currently only have one locate setting. Upon registering movement, it wakes up and begins its locate cycle. It will locate once every 10-20 seconds (if connecting to GPS) for 3 minutes straight. It will then go into 10 minutes of rest. Then locate once every 10-20 seconds for 3 minutes, then 10 minutes of rest. And so on. If the device is not getting a good enough GPS signal as determined by the threshold algorithm in our servers, it will switch to WiFi Touch/ Cell I.D. If that locate is graded better than the GPS locate, it will publish it (This is usually one locate during the 3 minutes of locating time). At this time, if the WiFi/ Cell I.D. locate is graded the same or worse that the GPS locate it got, none of the locates will be published. During standard active mode while moving, the LED will flash green every approximately 10 seconds.

Sleep Mode: If the device does not register movement the device will go into sleep mode. Once in sleep mode, it will only wake up to locate once it senses movement. This is because sleep mode is designed to conserve battery. 

Pressing the green Track Mode button on your online interface or app will send a command on our server side to your device to begin tracking. The device will receive this command when it checks in with our servers (every 2 minutes while moving or upon movement when asleep).

SOS Button Press - to start SOS, press the SOS button 3 times. The SOS emergency locate mode (LED will turn solid red when SOS button on device is pressed), will start the PocketFinder+ locating once every 10-20 seconds for 5 minutes straight. If your tracker cannot connect with GPS signals it will attempt to use Wi-Fi or Cell ID triangulation and will send that location information. When the 5 minutes completes, the LED will turn solid green for a minute or so acknowledging the SOS period has ended. Then, if still registering movement, will go back to standard locate setting.